Monetize Your Animation, Gameplay and Audio Content!

Hey xHamster Creators,

We are here to share some important news that will impact those of you producing Animation, Gameplay, and Audio content. At xHamster, we’re committed to supporting a diverse range of creators and providing a platform where your unique content can find the acknowledgment it deserves.

We’ve made some updates to the verification process for creators who want to publish videos under the Ad Revenue program, get monetization, and gain recognition! 

What are the steps for animated video upload?

Please make sure you’re enrolled in the Ad Revenue program before proceeding to video upload.

Once you’ve successfully uploaded your animated video, please confirm that your content does not feature real persons and select the appropriate Content Type.

After you have added the required details for the video, please submit it for review.

Upon successful review and publication of your video, monetization will be initially disabled. You will receive a notification and a Private Message asking you to upload a verification video. If you want to start earning from your video, please provide the verification video as requested.

To do so, record a verification video and upload it to your preferred hosting site, save a link, and send it to our Moderation team via the Contact us form.

If you’ve previously provided a verification video or if you consistently upload similar style content, you don’t need to upload verification videos again. We’ll handle it for you.

How to Verify Your Content:

To start monetizing your content, you’ll need to provide a verification video that our team will review. 

This video should be a simple clip showing how you produce your content. Just upload the full video without any cuts or edits. Once your video has been reviewed and approved, your content will be eligible to participate in our Ad Revenue program and start earning.

Please be aware that if you upload different types of animated content, such as anime, 3D, etc., you might need to provide a verification video demonstrating how you create each specific style.

So let’s dive into what’s new for Animation, GamePlay, and Audio creators:

  • For Animation creators:

To start earning, we will require a short video of you demonstrating keyframes or manipulations with your animation. This could include actions like opening the animation file, manipulating the content, or showcasing the design layers.

  • For Gameplay creators:

To enable monetization for gameplay content, we need a video of you creating your content. This video should showcase gameplay footage of you in action, including clips of your gameplay and your commentary using your voice.

  • For Audio story creators:

We require a verification video where you record your voice speaking as you do in your videos. The recording should be at least 10 seconds long, and your voice must be clear and audible without external noises.

Please keep in mind that, for ALL content creators, it is crucial to record a video with your face visible and uncovered, matching the image from your identity verification.

Important Notes:

Please note that by uploading content without real persons, you confirm that you own the copyright and legal rights to the content or have obtained permission from the copyright owner.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us via our Contact Form.

We’re excited to see your creativity shine on xHamster and look forward to supporting you on your journey. Keep creating with xHamster!

Best regards,

The xHamster Team

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