Hi creators!

Geoblocking is now available for xHamster creators.
Let us explain a little more about this tool. Geoblocking is exactly what it means. You are able to control who, what, when, and where your content is accessed.

When you enable the feature, you can further localize your content distribution and your audiences. This tool can come in handy when models are concerned about their images and videos appearing on our site while they target their content to a specific audience

Now, you can block your videos from showing up in chosen countries by accessing the feature in your profile settings on xHamster. Geoblocking is above all intended to protect creators, and their content, and to continue to improve our privacy commitment.

(Navigation: My Profile → Edit Profile → Privacy.)

However, your videos will be hidden from the newest porn videos and best weekly video listings for blocked locations. And, your videos could also disappear from a user’s video favorites if you have geoblock on and he is the resident of a blocked location.

Please contact us at [email protected] or by our creators’ support profile page found right here if you need any help with the new features.

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