Data for Success: What’s Trending on xHamster Now

xHamster Creator’s Blog gives you the tools you need to be successful on one of the largest platforms in the world. In this edition, we look at what’s been trending on the site this fall and winter to help you better design content that will drive views and traffic.

First, we’ll take a look at the most successful creators and the most popular videos, so you can get a better idea of what xHamster users enjoy the most. Then we’ll dive into dissecting the recipe for success on xHamster, as well as how you can tap into some little-known areas of big potential, so that you can hack your content creation strategy and bag more earnings in the year to come.

Study the Most Successful Creators

Let’s begin by looking at the ones who are already doing well on xHamster. These are the creators that have been most successful recently, outperforming others and earning the most from their content.

What can we learn from them?

Well, first of all, our top 5 features quite a diverse range, with both single creators and couples, different sexual orientations, and a mix of nationalities including American, Thai, Czech, and Spanish. There isn’t any one-size-fits-all profile when it comes to what fans like on xHamster, so make sure you’re putting your best foot forward and sharing what makes you unique.

Top 5 successful earnings creators


Our advice is to follow these creators, look at what they do, what type of content they share, how they interact with fans and how they promote themselves. There can be a lot to learn by looking at what fans seem to be watching most, as well as what they’re commenting on.

One thing they do have in common? They each upload content regularly and have a sizeable number of impressions for their videos. That’ll be because of the type of content they upload, as well as how they upload it (more on that later) which makes it easy for xHamster users to discover them–and keep coming back for more!

Read on to learn what type of content you can create and how you can share it, as we dive into what’s been popular on xHamster this quarter.

Study the xHamster Creator Contest Winners

Each month, we give away $12k in cash prizes to the top creators and videos on xHamster. The xHamster Creators Contest is how we reward creators for keeping xHamster fans happy and horny. The contest is open to all creators and all you need to do to enter is upload your content and the top 70 videos with the most views could bag you a cash prize between $20 and $1000.

Sounds good, right? We took all the videos uploaded in Q3 of 2021 to find out which content got the most views. There were 5 creators in particular that kept fans clicking on that play button on the content they uploaded and bagged the biggest prizes.

Q3 Contest

Let’s take a look at the videos that boasted the most views overall this season. With over 19 million views in total, it’s safe to say they can give you an idea of what does well on xHamster. Creator VincentVegaXXX is responsible for the top two videos in the list, accounting for over 7 million views alone.

The videos range from six and a half minutes up to nearly half an hour. So long as you aren’t creating something too short, the sky is open. Don’t let time limit you.

In terms of content, we see something that’s quite common on xHamster: older/younger situations and role play: teachers, babysitters, stepparents. These are popular categories across the adult universe, but they are particularly engaging to xHamster’s audience.

Also note that each video was tagged with at least 20 categories, with an average of 26.5 categories per video. The most common? “Big ass”, “Big cock” and “Doggy style.” For those of you that say size doesn’t matter, the word “big” was used 21 times across these videos’ categories!

Top Videos this Season

Once you look at the creators and videos that are performing best on xHamster, use it to break it down into a strategy that you can use to boost the success of your own content. How? Let’s look at what’s popular on the site more broadly.  

What are all the horny users on xHamster really into? We rounded up all the searches this season and found some particular words that stood out from the crowd.

In a Freudian victory, “mom” was the resounding winner, appearing over two million times in searches this quarter. When we took a closer look, we found that it’s not just moms that are in demand, but also stepmoms, MILFs, sisters and even grannies. In fact, we discovered that family really is everything, with family-related words accounting for over a quarter of the top 50 search terms.

As we mentioned earlier, older and younger combinations do very well on xHamster. Our users are often lusting after someone else’s mom or stepmom — the venerable MILF.

Of course, there’s a lot of mom content online. To distinguish yourself and stand out to fans, you might want to think about combining generic ”mom” or MILF content with another popular fetish like massage (750k searches), cheating (350k searches) or teacher (290k searches). When you know the searches, you can experiment with combinations — like a fantasy roleplay where you’re woken up with a massage from your son’s hot lesbian teacher!

We’re not encouraging you to create content that doesn’t make sense for you as an individual creator. You need to stay true to who you are and what you enjoy. There is, however, definitely room to be creative when it comes to thinking of ideas for your next videos.

Not only should you think about creating content around some of these ideas, but make sure you’re using these words in your video title, description, categories and tags. Some fans will search for “mom”, some for “stepmom” and others for “MILF”, so make sure to vary your descriptions and include variations of relevant terms. Just make sure you’re making it very clear what your video is about in the title and description, so fans know exactly what to expect.

The Most Frequently Used Words in Successful Titles

Now, the bigger question: how does this compare to what the top creators are using? We took the top 100 creators to try to determine the secret to their success and looked at the words they use the most in their video titles.

What’s interesting is that these are a lot different from what fans are searching for. So what’s the catch?

This list helps us to understand not what fans are looking for, but what makes them choose which video to watch from the search results. Maybe people aren’t searching for “pussy”, “cock” or “cum” as these things are quite common, but these may be the types of words that drive clicks.

So if people are searching for “mom” and they see a video about “mom’s pussy”, they may be more likely to click and watch that video. This is a big opportunity for creators like you to tap into what can really increase the number of impressions your videos get by including more of these words in your video title and description.

Next time you upload a video, try using some of these words in your video title to attract more fans.

Earlier, we promised to dish the dirt on some untapped areas with big potential. As we were busy crunching the numbers for this report, we found some specific categories that have a lot of searches, but not as many videos as other types of content.

These trending categories are basically a gold mine for creators like you, as low competition and high demand means big opportunities for you to create more content that fits into these areas!

The top trending category on xHamster is, as expected, “old-young”. So if you’re creating content that matches that, be sure to tag it. Other categories that do well? “Casting” — often fantasies of finding a new porn star, “granny,” and “swingers.” These are all massive opportunities for our creators.

“Babysitter”, “Dad” and “teen” have also been trending recently. Have some fun incorporating some role play into your content, with “doctor”, “teacher”, “military”, massage” and “taxi” storylines that will keep fans coming back for more.

Try to create more content in these untapped areas, there are hungry fans waiting for it!

To top off our roundup of insights into what fans really want, we rounded up some popular search terms that are least used as video tags by creators.

Just like in the previous section, where we shared the categories that have high levels of searches by fans, and low levels of competition with video content, these are the tags that are frequently searched for, but least frequently used by creators.

The phrases below are all very popular with fans — and are often seen in studio content — but creators just aren’t tagging their videos with these terms. This is another massive opportunity.

Content around “brother stepsister sex”, “mother stepson” and “fucking my stepsister” could be just the “family therapy” that fans are looking for. Try to experiment with any tags that may be relevant in your next videos to take advantage of that untapped source of traffic.

One last thing …

Now is probably a good time to let you in on a little secret. To help users find their perfect video, we allow them to sort their search results by date, views, rating and duration. What does this mean for you? First of all, it’s important to regularly upload new content for fans looking for recent videos to enjoy. Secondly, try to vary the duration of the videos you upload. Offering fans a selection of shorter and longer videos means that they can enjoy your content whether they’re in for the long haul, or just a quick fix.

Video ratings, and the number of views are equally as important, as they’re quite effective indicators for a fan looking for good quality content. Promoting your content with your existing fanbase on social media can be an easy way of increasing the number of views for your new videos, helping them rise up the rankings in the search results on xHamster. Your existing fanbase is also probably more likely to give your videos a 5* rating too!.

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