How to Boost Your Content for Valentine’s Day

One of our favorite times of the year is coming up and we couldn’t be more excited!

Valentine’s Day, on February 14th, is a day to give some extra special attention to whoever you love — especially your fans. It’s a time when lovers typically exchange gifts, enjoy massages and go for romantic dinners together. Your fans and followers, they’ll reward you with additional attention if you use the upcoming holiday to make them feel special.

Every year, fans from all over the world head over to xHamster to find their happy ending with some steamy amateur content around Valentine’s Day. Here’s what you need to know:

The Theme is… Romance

As a content creator, it can sometimes be challenging to think of yet more ideas for fresh, new, and exciting videos that keep fans coming back for more. When “Creator’s Block” strikes and you’re stuck for ideas, celebrations like Valentine’s Day can be the perfect chance to try something new and incorporate fresh elements into your content.


Valentine’s Day is all about reds, pinks, and whites. Think love letters, roses, hearts, and chocolates. Lingerie and romantic outfits, romantic lighting, sweet talk — fans respond to Valentine’s videos that form a connection.


Last year, searches for “Massage” were our #1 search during the week surrounding Valentine’s Day. So when creating Valentine-themed content, you may want to treat your fans to a massage fantasy.

A long-term romance

Whatever you choose to create, the benefits won’t end once the romance fades. Despite spikes in Valentine-related searches in the lead up to February 14, It’s still very popular all year round. In fact, we found “Valentine’s Day” was one of the categories that was most searched for by fans but had some of the least amounts of content by creators. This means your video has the chance to be more popular with fans, 365 days a year.

We’ve Got A Special Valentine’s Day Category on xHamster

Not wanting to let #AngeLove have all the fun, we created a contest to help tons of lusty fans find creators like you – and really turn up the heat this Valentine’s.

We already know that fans like to fantasize about things they’re most interested in right now.
Valentine’s Day is no exception, so we created a special Valentine’s category on xHamster, where fans can come to enjoy all of the hottest Valentine’s-related content, all in one place. With so many fans coming to celebrate, we wanted to invite our creators along to join the fun too.

Find all the details about the contest here.

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