Being successful as an xHamster Creator

We care about your success as an xHamster model


YOU’RE IN CONTROL HERE — creators like you are able to be free and creative on xHamster.
YOU’RE THE BOSS — whether you make content for fun or you use our tools to monetize your content, it’s important to remember that you are in charge here.

Being successful as an xHamster creator isn’t an exact science either. Be cognizant of your mental health and be sure to love and care for yourself before anyone or anything else.

A clear, happy mind — like in any job — is the best way to maximize your abilities and creativity.

On the production front, also be sure to adopt a solid workflow that ensures content will be released in a timely manner and reduces spates of unneeded stress.

Focus on content quality and compliance with the community guidelines for new videos. It doesn’t hurt to participate in some of the xHamster competitions for a chance to earn a lot of extra cash.

We also want to remind you that our support team is here for you too. You can drop us a line via our Contact Form.

We will proudly help because we want xHamster to be a welcoming place for everyone.

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