Ad revenue share feature

Upload outstanding and catchy content and xHamster will pay for its views

Our ad revenue system allows you to make money off your videos, just like a studio does. Upload your videos and get paid for each view.

  • You need to have a Creator Model account, that means that you’re an independent model who is producing, selling and being featured in their own content
  • You need to upload videos to xHamster
  • To qualify, you’ll need to make sure it’s hot and engaging content — exceptional quality, good length, and positive rating
  • You need to own rights to the content and be able to prove that a person in the videos is you. If there are several people in your video, you must upload documents for each of them
  • Make sure you have an open profile page and it’s visible to all. Check your profile visibility here. Don’t forget that your videos should be available to the public, i.e. they mustn’t have a “friends only” or “only for me” status, and they must meet all the criteria of our moderation.
  • Open your Creator dashboard
  • Find “Generate ad revenue” section. If you meet all the requirements you will find Activate button on it
  • Verify yourself to fill all the information. Don’t forget to upload the documents
  • Request approval. You will get an email in the next 3 days

Please note: not every video will be eligible to participate in the program. We are hoping that this innovative feature will help boost the downloads of high-quality video made by Models. Even if you meet all the requirements, the xHamster team has the right to refuse the application.

xHamster gives you the Ad Revenue if your content qualifies (for example, only videos that meet the conditions are eligible for this feature). The total of what you make depends on how your videos perform. Your earnings are based on the views of your video times the ad rate. The ad rate is calculated based on the performance of the ads around your video (clicks, user country, sales).

Monthly payouts will be executed around the 15th of the following month. Please note that it may take several days for your bank to credit your account. You can change your payment details whenever you want, but if you change them on the Payout Date, we cannot guarantee that your new updated details will be used for this payment.

If we require more information from you in order to process your payment, you will be contacted via email, so please make sure to keep the email address associated with your account up to date!

Enable automatic tweets whenever you upload a new video. What is required:

  • Your email must be verified
  • You need to have at least one of the Content Creator program features activated

You can link Twitter account in your profile or activate Twitter integration at the video upload stage.

Of course, you will have an option to disable automatic tweeting for any video during upload.

According to Twitter rules and policies, please make sure to mark your account as sensitive. Doing so means that those who don’t want to see explicit materials can avoid it, or make an informed decision before they choose to view them.

Your submitted video underwent review by our moderators which showed that there is more than one performer appearing. For this reason, we are asking you to submit the paperwork for all participants. Please provide all required information through our Contact Form. All information submitted will be treated as confidential. If you have already done this, we will get back to you soon. Moderation usually takes 1-5 working days