No Nut November

No Nut November Is Perfect for Creators to Experiment!

Hi creators. We’re officially into 2021’s No Nut November — an internet phenomenon that challenges dudes not to cum for the entire month.

No Nut November has been around for years now, and we’re sure that some of you might be worried about a potential slowing down in traffic and viewership. Rest assured, the people who decided to join in on a whole month of voluntary semen retention are still looking for content to get off to, even if they are not cumming.

But, let’s make a few things clear. Some men do No Nut November as a dare, a goof. Others believe that there is some sort of hidden health and spiritual benefits to not wanking regularly.

Either way, medical and sexual wellness experts all agree that No Nut November is actually a total joke. Semen retention is potentially unhealthy for most men because it forces them to be pent up with stress and frustration.

Being that masturbation and sex are two of the most effective stress relievers in humans, some dudes could actually be doing themselves a disservice.
We had to mention this because it’s good to know that No Nut November is actually not that widespread and is merely the product of an urban legend born on the web.

People need to cum. It’s healthy. Remember that. But, for some, it just depends on how and when to cum.

Despite all of this, there are still plenty of people who participate which presents a great deal of interest. This is especially true for people who are into fetishes where orgasm denial or chastity are involved. Creators like yourself could use No Nut November as an opportunity to experiment with domination and goddess worship content if we continue to follow this vein of fetish.

Imagine, you’re decked out in the fiercest black leather you own. Maybe, you wear high heels and hold a kinky riding crop in your hands. You stand tall with an air of authority and sexual power as you begin to order your subs to please their mistress — no, their master. All your obedient little subs can do is bask in your glory.

Kind of hot, huh?

Domination fetishes are growing in popularity.

For many men in particular, the experience of being dominated by a man or woman is often so alluring that when they finally submit to a dominatrix or a goddess type, they often get hooked and start enjoying many different types of domination.

No Nut November plays into this well and could offer some strong ideas for content.
Some of these ideas are:

  • Chastity videos
  • Milking
  • Orgasm denial and instruction
  • Public and penis size humiliation
  • Pegging and domme videos
  • Edging
  • Teasing
  • Trash talking fetishes

…and literally so many other genres of fetish content.

Truly, the whole concept of No Nut November is broad enough to encompass so many kinks. Outside of domination content, you could also experiment with fetishes that deal with touching, foreplay like sensual touching away from the genitals, and sexy audiophilia.

If you know what you are doing, you don’t need to fuck and suck to get someone to orgasm. Sensual touching, for instance, is making a comeback. xHamster has a vast selection of content depicting people pleasing themselves and others through relaxed, calming soft and sensual caresses across every inch of their body.

In many cases, these performers reach a climax through sensual touching and without even touching their cocks or pussies. Solo content like this could be extremely popular among your followers.

Sexy ASMR and audio could also drive a No Nut November participant wild. Talking dirty or describing the ideal foreplay experience up close and personal right into someone’s ear could make the struggle not to wank it so much harder (pun intended).

But, they will have to cum eventually, and hopefully, it will be to your teasing content.

Enjoy No Nut November. Don’t worry about anything. Just keep being your creative and engaging self.

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