The xHamster Valentine’s Day Contest is Live!

Hi creators! It’s one of our favorite times of the year: Valentine’s Day!

Do you know what that means? It’s time for the creators Valentine’s Day Contest.

The Valentine’s Day contest grants users the opportunity to get even more attention! Bring your Valentine’s Day a-game.

We are talking about going all out here with balloons, painted hearts, candy hearts, big red hearts, red roses, and depictions of that naughty little love angel.

The rules for the contest are simple:

  • Create a sexy Valentine’s Day-themed video and make sure that it is uploaded in the allotted time of Feb. 1 to Feb. 15 (fyi, Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14).
  • During the uploading process, tag your video with #AngeLove so it will be easy for users to find the content and get the exposure you deserve.
  • Ensure that the video is NEW and meets the theme requirements (remember: Valentine’s Day, hearts, red roses, romance — you name it).
  • Your video must be at least 8 minutes long.

All of the videos will show up under our special Valentine’s Day category and be promoted on the xHamster homepage via the sidebar.

A few things to remember: use catchy titles and utilize our tools to spread your video, including the awesome video cover feature. Be sure to use the right tags and tag you and your co-performers if applicable. And, don’t forget to use #AngeLove!

We will announce the winners at the end of the month after the xHamster jury chooses the winner.

Good luck everyone!

Kisses and hearts,
The xHamster Team

Psst. Need help? Let us know by dropping us a message via our Contact Form.

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