Documentation For Creators and Co-performers

Greetings creators,

We had to write this blog post to have a serious discussion regarding our platform’s creator and co-performer documentation policies.

In accordance with industry standards, xHamster Creators are required to provide a model release agreement for every performer who participates in your content — which of course means all photos, galleries, custom thumbnails, videos.

A model release is the documented legal permission and consent for shooting, distribution, uploading and broadcasting of content.

We do this in order to protect the models, first of all, and so that in the future no one could have claims, during which we would have to remove content or remove monetization.

We try to develop and do everything to ensure that performers and their work are protected and can fully devote themselves to the creative process.

Here’s what you need to know about our policies, first.

  • A model release is required for every performer who appears in the content you upload.
  • If no documentation is provided, your videos will not be published and rejected by our moderators unless we have the necessary information for every participant in the media.
  • We will not permit content with unverified models and performers on our platform.
  • Performers in the United States or performers who produce content there must provide a 2257 form per that country’s laws.

While this may seem excessive to some of you, our policy covering model documentation is in place so we can protect our creators and users from unneeded scrutiny. When we can support you like this, the xHamster community can remain an active, safe, and engaging adult platform for everyone and their tastes.

This is how you can easily verify your co-performer(s).

  • Verify your co-performer(s) by uploading a copy of their government-issued identification or by a local passport.
  • Please use our model release template to help simplify this process. It can be found here for you to download.

  • Please complete the printed model release form (pages 1-2-3) and sign all the required fields.
  • Make sure that the dates on the model release form cover the actual shooting date of the content.

  • Upload your signed model release with the filmed content.
  • Be sure to tag your co-performer(s) in the content under the video.

Note that if you cooperate with the same performer all the time and you both feel safe enough, you may fill the agreement for multiple content. For this, you should mark the first checkbox in section 2 of the model release.

Please, keep in mind that this type of model release would be legit for an unlimited time from the date of signing, and would cover all types of content.

You will only be able to upload model releases in file formats PDFPNGJPEG, and HEIC because we require a document of the consent of the co-performer to shoot and monetize content, which can only be legally confirmed by a personal signature. We cannot accept DOC or DOCX file types because of this.

Our support team is here to help you by answering your questions and keeping you all informed of all of our efforts to streamline the model release process.

If you are filming most of your content with the same co-performer, it would be useful for you to sign one master model release to cover all types of your cooperative content. Here is an example of filling such type of model release:

It may seem complicated but this is the current state of the adult entertainment industry. All we want to do is to be one step ahead of the rest so we can protect our models, their cash, and their content.

Concerns? Questions? We can certainly help.

You can reach out to the xHamster team by contacting us via Contact Form.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

With Love,
xHamster Team

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