Unlocking Creativity! Enhance Your Content with Multiple Custom Covers

Enhance Your Content with Multiple Custom Covers

Hey there xHamster family, 

We’re excited to announce a game-changing enhancement to your content creation experience: the introduction of custom covers on xHamster. Now, you have the power to add up to 5 custom covers to your videos, allowing you to showcase your content in the most captivating and enticing way possible. 

How to Choose the Best Cover? 

While you have the option to add up to 5 custom pictures, we understand that selecting the best one can be a daunting task. That’s why our team is here to help! After uploading your options, our AI will analyze your covers’ performance based on CTR metrics and provide you with a detailed rating of each one so you can easily discover and pick the top-performing cover.

Best Practices: 

  • Choose high-quality images that accurately represent the content and tone of your video
  • Minimum size of 1 thumb file is 960×540 px – jpg, png, HEIC up to 10Mb 
  • Experiment with different visuals, poses, and scenes to see what resonates best with your audience 
  • Keep text minimal and strategically placed to avoid cluttering the cover 

How to Upload?

Step 1: Navigate to the “Upload Video” section within your creators’ dashboard.

Step 2: Select and upload your custom covers, with the option to upload up to five files.

Step 3: Once you have uploaded your covers, they will undergo review by our moderation team. You can monitor the performance and status of your covers in your personal account in the “Edit” section.

Feel free to upload up to 5 covers. Just keep in mind that each time you add a new cover, our AI will analyze all covers together and initiate a fresh performance review. For instance, if you initially upload 3 covers and our AI identifies the top-performing one, and then you decide to add more, the AI will reevaluate all covers (new and old ones).


With our new custom covers feature, you have the power to elevate your content and intrigue your audience from the moment they see your videos. 

So why wait? 

Start uploading your custom covers today and take your content to new heights of success. Happy creating!

Do you have any questions? Please reach out via our Contact Form.

With Love,
The xHamster team

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