Introducing xHamster Moments

Hey xHamster creators!

We’re on an endless journey of innovation, constantly seeking new ways to spark creativity and forge deeper connections within our vibrant community. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil our latest leap forward: xHamster Moments.

What are xHamster Moments?

This is a new feature that allows our creators to upload short videos up to 1 minute. Create amazing content that will ignite the fire of passion in our viewers’ hearts! Shoot vertical videos with seductive situations, playful flirtations, or intriguing stories. Feel free to reveal your wildest ideas and give the world unforgettable moments of bliss. Your sexuality is your right to expression: let’s make this world a little more passionate and fiery in every frame! So, to every creator in our family: xHamster Moments is your new playground. It’s time to unleash your imagination, one minute at a time.

How do xHamster Moments work?

We have all the basic social media features that users are accustomed to. Users can engage with their favorite xHamster moments by liking, subscribing, adding to favorites, and sharing. Additionally, you have the opportunity to boost your personal site by promoting links through our ‘Get Free Traffic’ feature.

Video requirements

To be successfully published, your short video must meet the following conditions:

  • Quality 720p or higher
  • Size of 1 video file up to 2Gb
  • Duration from 5 seconds to 1 minute

We recommend that the video is shot vertically.

How to upload moments? 

Hover over Upload in the upper right corner, select Moment, and upload the video as usual.

You can also switch to Moment in the upload menu.

You can edit already uploaded ones in the video manager moments section. This section is easily accessible through the profile menu. 

Share your passions, fantasies, and unique perspectives on pleasure. Step into the spotlight, let your imagination run wild, and push the boundaries of creativity. Your willingness to connect, discuss, and explore alongside your audience turns viewers into loyal fans.

Go ahead, upload your dose of passion and excitement, and give the world an exciting show to remember!

Do you have any questions? Direct message us on our xHamster creator support account.

With Love,
The xHamster team

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