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Hi xHamster family!

We are happy to inform you that we have updated our Boost your personal website feature to make getting traffic for your website easier.

We built the GFT Link feature to direct our web traffic from your video uploads on xHamster to your personal site or a custom URL you provide to share exclusive content or access to a clip store you own.

Creating a GFT Link is a no-brainer. Here’s how it works:

To enable the GFT Direct Link feature, you must be a member of the xHamster Ad Revenue Program. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can learn more in the creator dashboard and apply to join the program.

In the creator dashboard, you’ll find two buttons that say “Add promo link.” Both of these buttons do the same thing. Click these buttons to proceed to the next step.

example of new promo link feature

At the next step you need to fill out the fields under the “Promote personal website”. The two fields you see there will require to enter URL of your personal website or clip store and to specify a promo message on the GFT Direct Link.

If you don’t have a personal website or clip store, we provide you with the option to sign up for one through our partner site,

example of creating direct link to your personal website

Once you fill in the necessary details, click the red button “Send to moderation” so that our community managers can review the promo link and its content. Usually moderation process takes from 1 to 3 days.

Upon completion of this process, the video that you uploaded to xHamster will now have a GFT Direct Link directing your video’s traffic to your personal site or clip store. This feature will prove to be a great tool for promoting full-length versions of the clips that you upload to our site.

example of new link on the video

You can also set up promo links through your profile in the “Promo link” block and you can toggle those settings in a similar way.

promo link in profile

To track clicks on your promo links, you can follow performance statistics under the Creator’s dashboard.

promo link statistics

We sincerely hope that these new updates simplify the GFT feature and makes it easier to use in the future.

Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us using our Contact Form.

With Love,
The xHamster Team

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